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December 21, 2012
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Something in the next room shattered. A tall man known as Russia stormed into the room you were placed in. Yes, placed. You were a lamp. You know, the thing with the lightbulb that kept a room lit. You couldn't speak or move, you couldn't do anything at all. So if Russia decided to come up and crush you with the big, lead pipe he carried, you couldn't do anything about it.

"Belarus!" Russia cried. "Where'd my pipe go?"

Belarus walked in stealthily, a dangerous sparkle in her eyes. She shook her head no. Obviously, Belarus knew where the pipe went, but refused to drop any hints. She stalked out of the room, but then seemed to teleport backin, she was in such a rush.

"If I find you your pipe, will you marry me big bruder?" She asked, more like demanded. 

Russia's violet eyes widened. "No..."

Belarus looked discouraged for a moment, but her expression reverted back to normal. "We'll get married sooner or later.." She hissed, slinking away.

After Russia made sure she was gone, he started to search the room, for what, you didn't know. He smiled as he did so, like he had some weird, amazing plan. Running a hand through his wispy, pale hair, he dug through every drawer, until he got to the old dresser you sat upon.

"I need something new to hit people with..." he mumbled. "Something sturdy, da?"

He took a single look at you, then smiled his childish smile. Picking you up, he snapped the extension cord that connected you to the outlet, your power source. You didn't feel any pain of course, due to your lack of nerves, so it was impossible. It did feel like a part of you was missing, though.

He swung you in the air, brandishing you similar to how a knight would show off his sword. "This works, da? It feels like my pipe, almost." he said to himself.

He carried you out of the room, eager to show off his new weapon of choice, and you were as happy as a lamp could possibly be. In fact, Russia had forgotten about his beloved pipe. But the pipe hadn't forgotten Russia, and the pipe was enraged something had replaced it.....
Okay, so this idea was not mine, it was :iconheta-chan415:'s idea mostly. Together we are going to make an awesome Lamp!Reader series! I think we are taking turns every other chapter, I'm not so sure yet.

Poor pipe has its feelings hurt DX
I'm also sorry if I killed off some Russia fangirls or angered them in any way ._.

Part 1: You are here.
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6: [link]

Hetalia/Russia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Story Idea (LAMP!READERS... AW YISSSS): :iconheta-chan415:
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Why hello.
First of all, Id like to say that this blew my mind. Actually.

Second, the writings amazing and the story's amazing.

Five out of five for originality, I doubt there is another story like this in the world.

The impact was stunning.

I loved it.

Very well written and great vision, too, and I'm not sure what to write to fill the word count so I'll just say this was a joke. But the writing is very good, I'll admit that part proudly to all who want to hear it, so yay.

Great story hun, great story.
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I... Have no clue what so ever, on how to critique this, because I've never seen anything like this before.. Well, I can tell you, I really liked it! It's written very well, and the spacing is very nice.
Vision: I think you could have described many things a little bit better, and put in more adjectives to make it more exciting. However, the simplicity does compliment the story in a way.
Originality: I doubt there's much to say here. After all, Reader-chan is a lamp!
Technique: I first put 5 stars, as I really like how you wrote it, then reminded myself that adectives probably fit under technique as well. And I think adjectives are important in a good story. But again, the simplicity somewhat compliments this one!
Impact: Loved it from first word! The impact was awesome!

Hope you find this helpful!
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blackparade39815 Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Russia, you are not NigaHiga
The fuck? :icondafuqsnapeplz:

WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE DO TO THE LAMP :iconohgodwhymemeplz:
Probably the most unique Reader Insert I've ever seen. Awesome! :D
XD Thank you! :love:
This reminds me of NigaHiga, he always talked to a lamp in his videos.
XD I didn't even think of that :o
Just because I feel like it, here is a derp
:iconrussiaderpplz: :iconsaysplz: I love my lamps...
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