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October 29, 2012
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Your POV

"Ha-ha-ha-ha….." you panted as you ran to the base of a tree. You knocked on the bark. "Lovi! Feli!"

A mean looking German shepherd had popped out of a bush and chased the brothers half the way home. You were surprised by how fast they retreated and you couldn't keep up. Well, they were cats. You saw two pairs of eyes and two stray curls within the leaves of the tree. Mentally facepalming, you held open your arms like they were still little cats and you were going to catch them.

"Come down here you two! That dog is gone now!" you called up to them.

"MASTER (Y/N)!!" Feliciano shrieked, jumping out of hiding and into your arms.

You blushed because he tackled you to the ground, his arms wrapped around your back. You stuttered so badly, it was impossible to understand. Feli rubbed his face up against your neck, purring. Lovino jumped out of the tree, landing on all four limbs. He regained human stance, and pulled Feliciano up to stand next him.

Feliciano's tail twitched. "Are you jealo-"

"SHUT UP YOU!" Lovino hollered, ears flicking back and forth. He marched back to the sidewalk and toward your house, which loomed in the distance.

Still blushing, you and Feliciano caught up to Lovino. The three of you walked home. What was with all these busy days? It was already 10 'o clock!

The Cats POVs

"Lovino, mio fratello, why are you so-a upset?" Feli mewed quietly as you slept upstairs. He looked awfully distressed.

"Just forget it Feliciano… We should've never transformed in the first place… Master (Y/N) will never love us." Lovino said miserably. "If she does love one of us it would be you… not us "

Feli's face turned more catlike as he snarled. "I know it nay never-a happen, but we may as well-a try." He said.

"There's no point in trying." Lovino countered. "She either wants us as pet cats or human companions. Not both …."

Feliciano dipped his head. "You saw how she reacted when we started turning into complete nekos… It was not how I would of liked, Feliciano." Lovino continued.

Feliciano's eyes flicked about. Something was disturbing your sleep, and even in their human forms, they could sense it. Lovino swerved his ears, attempting to catch a hint. No sound. Together, they meowed in harmony, trying to get you to answer. No answer.

"Fratello! Something's wrong! I feel it! I feel it!" Feliciano cried urgently.

Lovino nodded his head, lashing his tail. He jumped to his clawed human feet. "Feliciano, let's go up there!"he replied with the same urgency.

The two rushed up the stair, and attempted to pull open the door. It wouldn't budge. Together, they slammed their full weight into the barrier blocking them from you. It creaked audibly and broke open.

"Master (Y/N), are you alrig-"

Feliciano was cut off by silence itself. You were gone. Long gone……
Hahhaa!! Another one!! I've been typing these up super f-ing fast. It's insane, yet awesome! Thank you readers for propelling me to go this far!! You people are great!!

Italy and Romano belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
And you will belong to (soon very soon *rubs hands together evily*) :iconnekonitalyplz: and :iconnekositalyplz:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5:[link]
Part 6 (Final): [link]
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