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October 28, 2012
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Your POV

You woke up early yet again. You stretched out your legs, surprised when you kicked something bigger and bulkier than the two little cats together. Your eyes blurry, you sat up and rubbed them, thinking of the ridiculous dream you had had the night before. "Hey." You said talking to your cats again like they could understand you. "I had a crazy dream where you two were humans and-" You stopped talking as your eyes became less blurry and you focused on Lovino and Feliciano. "WAAAAAAUGH!!! PERVERTS IN MY BED!!!! WAUUUUUGGH!!!!" you screamed, obviously forgetting they'd become human. The two calmed you down and you relaxed, planning out your Saturday in your mind.

"Lovi, Feli, I think I need to go out and buy you two some clothes that fit your style. Arthur's clothes aren't very, y'know, great." You said, wondering how much money it was gonna take to buy outfits and shoes for them. Feliciano bobbed his head happily and smiled, crawling into your lap like he was still a cat. He rubbed his face up against your neck, while you pondered, not really caring that this man was in your lap. He wasn't really a little kitty cat anymore, but he sure did act affectionate. Lovino looked at you two jealousy covering his handsome features. You gently pushed Feli off of you and got off the bed.

"Well! The day isn't gonna start itself!" you chimed, throwing up your arms. "Let's take the bus to the mall!!!" Shopping is one of the things you do best, but you had problems with taking the money out of your purse. You were very stingy.

You brushed your teeth and showered, trying not to pay attention to someone scratching on the bathroom door. When you came out you showed the two how to open a door. Much to Lovino's dislike, you talked to both of them like idiots. "Why do you talk to me like that, ragazza?" he said. "Ragazza?" you said, as the three of you walked out to the bus stop. "That's Italian right? Where'd you learn Italian from?"

The Cats POVs

Lovino thought about what he should tell Master (Y/N).  Partly because he couldn't remember and partly because he wasn't exactly sure what happened. The only straightforward memories the nekos shared were meeting you and living at your house. But something didn't connect. It was really strange and worrying wasn't Lovino's thing, so he just bluffed it.

"We are from Italy." He told you.

Your POV

"Seems legit." You said. Feliciano bounced around on his feet, dodging butterflies and smelling the air. "Ah! Master (Y/N)! It's-a so nice outside!!!" he cried happily. With that you sat on the bus stop bench and checked your watch. "I know Feli. It's usually nice weather here. Except we get snow sometimes and I ree-ally hate the cold." You replied. "The bus should be here in a few minutes." Soon, the bus pulled up and you three got on the bus.

After the long bus ride and about 3 hours of shopping for the clothing necessities, you looked wistfully at your wallet. You sighed. "Not a lot of money left…" you said quietly. The two guys looked at you, instantly feeling your sadness. Feliciano came up and grabbed your hand, while Lovino looked at the two of you jealously. "Don't be-a sad Master (Y/N)! We can get-a jobs too for when you need it!" he chirped. You looked up into those closed eyes and smiled sweetly. "Thank you Feli!" Feliciano nodded his "your welcome" and hopped backward into some guy. Lovino instantly looked alarmed. Feliciano turned, chiming "Im-a sorry, mister" but quickly stopped. Something was wrong.

The man had long-ish blond hair and stubble around his chin. His eyes were blue, but strangely menacing. You flinched at how he looked upon you and the brothers. "Bon jour." He said coldly. "I would like to ask if you'd like to complete a survey." He said in a French accent. You got up and took Lovino and Feliciano's hands. "No thank you." You said politely as you walked away, nervously.

That guy is bad news, you thought. You dragged a blushing Lovino and a bubbly happy Feliciano along behind you as you evaded the scary Frenchman. Somehow, he appeared in front of you. "I am Francis Bonnefoy. And you two nekos-" he said the word with disgust "- are going to lose everything important to you." You paused to comprehend what he was saying.

Suddenly, the brothers both let out shrieks of agony. You turned to see what was happening. Their forms were bulging and they seemed in terrible pain. A tail sprouted from both of their bottoms and ears somehow pulled themselves out of their skulls, parting their hair in a odd way. It took you five seconds to realize what was happening. They were slowly and painfully being turned back into cats. And this guy the power to do it.
Uh oh.... Look who decided to make an entrance.

Italy and Romano belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. As does France.
And you will belong to (soon very soon *rubs hands together evily*) :iconnekonitalyplz: and :iconnekositalyplz:

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6 (Final): [link]
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