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January 20, 2013
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“_______! Time to wake up!” A stern voice hollered in your ear. 

You crawled out of bed, rubbing your eyes as the light from the open window shined into them. Groaning, you got to your feet and made your way to your closet slowly. You didn’t feel like going to school, but it wasn’t worth it. If you stayed home, you would have nothing to do but sit around. It wasn’t exactly your home, nor was it anyone elses, but at some points, you did question if it counted or not. Your mind always wander to how it felt like living in a home without 7 other girls, and you pursued that idea. Desperately, you wanted to be out of the foster care home you lived in, but there was not much choice. 

You put your clothes on, then stumbled out of the bathroom (which you shared with 3 other girls) and went to go make some breakfast. You were usually the first one to wake up, and that was to your advantage, since you could get to the food first. Almost every morning, all 8 of you girls would eat cereal, and then by the time two girls ate, there would be no milk left. The staff never bought enough milk either, so that’s why you tried your hardest to make it to the kitchen quickly. You held the spoon in your mouth as you poured the milk into your Cheerios. 

BANG! You almost swallowed the spoon in surprise. It came from your shared bedroom. Nonchalantly, you pulled the spoon out of your mouth. You sighed as you finished preparing your breakfast and went to sit at the table next to a staff member who payed you no attention. You knew exactly what was happening, your roommate had terrible anger management issues. There was nothing you could do about it.

“I HATE THIS F***ING S***!” was screamed over and over again, until the staff found a way to calm her down. 

You couldn’t blame her, she was very independent and unsocial, so it wasn’t the best place for her. 

“_______, it’s time you go to school. The bus will be here any moment.”

You nodded. “Could you make sure (roommate’s name) doesn’t touch any of my stuff? Last time she completely tore apart my writing. I really don’t appreciate it.” you said, laughing nervously at the last part.

The staff nodded, and went to go talk to the shift leader, who usually came once a week. You walked to the bus stop, which just so happened to be in front of the foster care house. You sat on the hard, metal bench, daydreaming about random things. When the bus finally arrived, you climbed aboard and set off for school. You popped the headphones for your music on and lost yourself in the world of beautiful, different music.

You listened to some K-pop and J-pop, then continued on to the playlist of old anime music you once adored. It was nostalgic for you to listen to that playlist, it was so meaningful to you, but you rarely listened to it anymore. The girls frowned upon you for some reason. Maybe because it was that you didn’t exactly enjoy the dirty rap songs some of them listened to, nor the completely synthetic-noise songs either. You turned up the volume a tiny bit, before selecting shuffle, to see what you would get.

It was quiet for a moment, but then you were greeted by a familiar beat and tune.

“Nee nee papa wain mo choudai...”

You almost gasped in joy and happiness. It’d been forever since you’d heard that song, especially since it was from one of your favorite anime shows. Sure you liked plenty other anime shows, but this one drew you to it. What was the name of it? Hetalia? Yeah! That had to be it! The song was called Marukaite Chikyuu, you thought. You continued listening, zoning out as the  trees went by in a blur, allowing you a time of peace and quiet that you rarely got. 


As soon as the slightly long bus ride was over, you stepped off and walked into the large, two-story building. Ah, school, you never really liked it, but now it was your escape to be with one of your friends. As you began to stroll into the classroom, you were knocked over, full force to the ground. You sat there for a moment, trying to come to your senses, but then two strong hands lifted you back to your feet.

“Dudette! Sorry ‘bout that. Did I hurt you?”

You rubbed your eyes to clear them, then looked up at whoever had the nerve to do that. They were ridiculously strong, since they could make you go flying to the floor. Your left eye twitching, you replied snappily:

“Maybe you should watch where you were going, especially since it’s the early morning and there are tons of kids around!”

“What? Where? Babe, if there were kids around, I would’ve seen them. Or smelt them. The kids here smell like a Russian dude who drinks too much.”

You held back a laugh, then tried to get a good look at him. What you saw made you gasp. He had sandy-blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and square-rimmed glasses. Atop his head where his hair was parted was a big, gravity defying cowlick that just sat there looking so touchable. You stared for quite a while, but then tried to shake yourself out of the trance. He looked like a character straight out of Hetalia! How was this even possible?! He looked like America, and it was impossible to think otherwise. You remembered how he’d been your favorite character, and how if you were to meet him, you’d throw a burger at him and scream “I LOVE YOU”. Then do a backflip out of the room with joy.

....... That was the exact opposite of how you felt. You felt like your chest was going to close in around your heart, that kind of feeling when you get shy or nervous. 

“Hey, are you okay, dude?”

You nodded flustered, and mainly surprised. “I’m fine. It’s just you look very familiar.”

“A lot of people say that to me! There were even a few girls stalking me because of it, for realz yo!” he chirped, obviously getting excited because his voice kept on getting higher pitched.

“If I had stalkers, I’d probably just....” you said, trying to relate, but not really coming up with anything. “Yeah... I got nothing, I would probably rent a boat or plane, and leave the country, though.”

“Why would you want to leave the USA?!! It’s like the best country evah!” he almost yelled.

That confirmed it. His reaction was way too doting to his own country, that he seemed to represent. Now, this was really, really weird, and you had absolutely no idea what you were going to do about it. Again, you zoned out in your thoughts, not even noticing how the America copy was waving his hands in front of your face. 

“Hey! Hey! HEEEEEEYYY!!” 

You snapped out of it at the last ‘Hey’ he said. “Ha, sorry.” 

“Bro, dude, what’s your name anyway?” he asked “We’re in the same homeroom... I can cheat off you tests and stuff and I can copy your homework, since I’m the new kid I deserve that stuff, so.... Yeah.”

Not really caring about the last parts he said, you stuck out your hand. It was an impulsive gesture, since you were taught to do that, as you would be going to court to try and handle your foster care situation. “I’m __________. Nice to meet you, .......?”

“Alfred!” he replied. “ALFRED F. JONES! Yup, that’s the best name in the book!” 

A little bit overtaken by his loud personality, you backed off a little, but then smiled. He smiled this perfect smile back, making you a bit jealous since you didn’t think he had braces or ever needed them. BRRRRRING! BRRRRRING! That was the first bell for first period.

“Well.... Let’s go inside, okay Alfred?” you said, holding open the door for him.

He took the door and gestured for you to pass, surprisingly polite. You passed through and took your designated seat, him following you like a lost puppy with this incredibly stupid expression on his face. Your friend, who had slipped by you unnoticed, lifted his hand in greeting from across the room, smirking at Alfred. 

He mouthed the words: “You got yourself as stalker.”

You shook your head, before Alfred yelled: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

Well, let's just say that this was going to happen after a while.... =.=
I am in Foster care, and I've been going around houses for quite a while, so Reader-chan is a small part of me, basically. Also, I'm an America fangirl, so that was also necessary.

(C) America- Hetalia ~ The great Himaruya~
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^^; I feel like an idiot for not realizing it's Alfie. But then again, I spend 90% of my day absorbing Hetalia stuff, so....
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